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A Valentine for Maia

Those of you familiar with Susanna Leonard Hill may know of her contests for writers. Here is my entry to her VALENTINY contest: a submission of no more than 214 words, expressing the sentiment of hope. Check out her blog and the many other seasonal submissions by clicking her name above.

Maia moved through the stone statues.

“Hi, Mommy. I brought my valentines so I could finish them with you.” Plopping at the base of the marble angel, Maia lay on her back. She imagines being cradled in the angel’s wings. But, today, between those wings is a cobweb.

“Yuk,” she exclaims. Looking for a stick, she remembers her mother’s words: Valentine’s Day is to remind us of the love and kindness important to all.

Maia examines the silk artistry of the busy arachnid. “Well spider, Happy Early Valentines. Tomorrow is my class party.” Chatting all the while, Maia signs and addresses her cards. “Got to go. Daddy’s waiting. Love you Mommy.”

That night Maia dreamt Mommy hid a valentine for her. She woke with great hope, peeked under her pillow, looked on her desk, and checked her coat pocket. No valentines. No Mommy.

“Hurry, Scamp,” called Daddy, “or you’ll miss your Valentine’s Party.”

At day’s end, Maia skipped to her angel. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy.” She laid her valentine for Mommy on the stone below the angel. “My class party was fun. Look at all the...” Maia started, when she noticed, strung between the wings of the angel was a woven heart of silk.

Mommy did hide a valentine—in plain sight.

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