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Monster Chores 2015:

Love Coloring? Love Monsters? Hate Chores?

Download & Print this FREE Coloring Book!

Through the inspiration and leadership of Jennyann Carthern, the following thirteen artists contributed to the development of Monster Chores 2015 a FREE coloring book: Jennyann Carthern, Ceilia Clark, Bobbie Dacus, Tori Deaux, Dani Duck, Mary Flynn, Kim MacPherson, Lezette Markham, Telaina Muir, Leila Nabih, ME, Jennifer Vanderbeek and Annina Wildermuth.

Monster Chores has pages and pages of young monsters doing their chores the way they see fit. You know! To the beat of their own drummer.

It’s a fun and silly coloring book that I’m sure your kids will love! Plus, when you sign up, it comes along with a bunch of other goodies, interviews with the artists, behind the scenes looks into their studios, and a chance to tweet questions to them every month.

So what are you waiting for? Print your copy of Monster Chores Now! Just click on any of the underlined words and you will be taken via monster transport to the Monster Chores coloring page website. And, don't worry the monster transport is safe -- we only draw the safest and most playful of monsters. -- Have fun.

Oh, one more thing: My Monster needs a name. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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