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KidLit Creature Week

This is Jasmine. She is a creature I drew for Kid Lit Creature Week. No, that isn't her real nose. She is currently incognito. I will reveal her on January 15, when a great group of creatures, beasts and monsters will make their way out of hiding and join in merriment in an online gallery.
Want to particiate? Hop to it. Submissions must be in by January 1.
KidLit Creature Week begins January 15 -- Here is info from the site regarding submissions:

"Welcome to the inaugural KIDLIT CREATURE WEEK, a free collaboration starting January 15. Prior to that, illustrators are encouraged to submit an illustration to our online gallery of monsters, creatures & other imaginary beasts suitable for children's literature. LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone! It's fun. Be inspired by others' art. Promote your work by sharing it with others in the KidLit community.

What Can I Submit?

Submit before January 1 an image of any creature you've illustrated. Just go to:

#kcw2015 #kidlitcreatureweek #birchtreepublishing

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